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Two/Three Phase Seperation
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separators are available for two-phase operation and three-phase operation. In the two-phase units, gas is separated from the liquid with the gas and liquid being discharged separately. Oil and gas separators are mechanically designed such that the liquid and gas components are separated from the hydrocarbon steam at specific temperature and pressure .In three-phase separators, well fluid is separated into gas, oil, and water with the three fluids being discharged separately. The gas-liquid separation section of the separator is determined by the maximum removal droplet size .The oil-water separation section is held for a retention time that is provided by laboratory test data, pilot plant operating procedure, or operating experience. In the case where the retention time is not available, the recommended retention time for three phase separator is used.

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Methods Used To Remove Oil from Gas

  • Density Difference (Gravity Separation)
  • Impingement
  • Change of Flow Direction
  • Change of Flow Velocity
  • Centrifugal Force
Methods Used To Remove Gas from Oil

  • Settling
  • Agitation
  • Heat
  • Centrifugal Force
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