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Test and Inspection

Inspection and test implement has a substantial role to be confident of quality.
This assurance is one of customers and taskmaster’s desires and expectations. to make this certainty actual namdaran petrogas company is conducting inspection in every groundwork including raw material purchasing to manufacturing the goods and equipments, with high attentiveness and aloft quality.

Test Inspection 2

Since in quality management matter, welding operations are known as a delicate and special process part of work, inspection and quality control is becoming more significance and for that matter namdaran petrogas industries company has trained undertaking welders whom are taking care of this expertism scope of production which is led to achieve high quality of welding according to international standards.

For the certainty of reverent taskmasters namdaran petrogas industries company is using inland and outland experts and inspectors (as requested) to attain its own quality aims and subsequently puts out release note.

Test Inspection 2
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