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Namdaran petrogas Industries Company is able to conduct consultant activities, root design, elaborative design, and providing technical specifications for equipments.
Generally company’s scope of work is related to production of industrial equipment and instruments for industries such as:

A1: Oil, gas and petrochemical industries offshore
A2: Oil, gas and petrochemical industries onshore
B: Powerhouse’s equipment
C: Mineral and steel industries

Factory construction is divided to 8 particular sections as follow:

  1. Production section
  2. Schematization section
  3. Quality control section
  4. Munitions section
  5. Mounting section
  6. Welding section
  7. Machinist section
  8. Warehouse

Engineering department of our company is divided to 4 particular units as follow:

  1. Mechanical unit
  2. Process equipment unit
  3. Instrument unit
  4. Electrical unit
  Software Used
Also some of soft ware utilizing by engineering department are:


COSMOS Works is a design analysis automation application fully integrated with Solid Works. This software uses the Finite Element Method (FEM) to simulate the working conditions of your designs and predict their behavior. FEM requires the solution of large systems of equations. Powered by fast solvers, COSMOS Works makes it possible for designers to quickly check the integrity of their designs and search for the optimum solution.

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FLUENT  illustrates the setup and solution of the two-dimensional turbulent fluid flow and heat transfer in a mixing junction. The mixing elbow configuration is encountered in piping systems in power plants and process industries. It is often important to predict the flow field and temperature field in the neighborhood of the mixing region in order to properly design the location of inlet pipes.
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Forging is defined as the process in which metal is plastically deformed with application of temperature and pressure. It is used to change not only the shape but also the properties of the metal because it refines the grain size and therefore improves its structure. Forging analysis software packages like Super Forge is very helpful in optimizing the forging process. Die design is very expensive. With this software forging process can be simulated. Various dies can be tried and forging process can be analyzed closely. Optimum die set for which die cavity fills completely while maintaining a lower stress can be selected.


Piping Stress Analysis(CEASAR)involves examining the flexibility and stiffness of a particular piping configuration under different types of loading, primary and secondary types. Piping Stress Analysis determines the maximum stresses in the piping system and suggests necessary modifications. Less flexible systems are susceptible to failure more. Stress analysis helps revising the piping layout and its supports to avoid high local stresses. The software includes different types of stresses affecting piping flexibility, code criterions and methods of analysis, simple methods and computerized methods. Participant will practice performing such analysis using one of the software’s for the same.

Mechanical Desktop:

The Mechanical Desktop provides the power of parametric design. With parametrics, you define your model according to the size, shape, and positional relationships of its parts. Another advantage of the Mechanical Desktop is that it is built with AutoCAD, which immediately reduces the learning curve usually associated with using a new design product. The power of AutoCAD, coupled with the complementary design tools of the Mechanical Desktop and its Mechanical Application Initiative (MAI) partners, make the Mechanical Desktop a compelling design solution.


Project management is an important part of the design process. For the most part, teams manage projects in an informal way: they have a deadline to meet, and they monitor progress of the project as it moves along. However, computer resources are available for managing team projects more formally. MS PROJECT is a software package that helps you to plan and track projects. You will walk through instructions for project planning, and then for project tracking and finally communicating progress.


The TANKS program is designed to estimate air emissions from organic liquids in storage tanks .. TANKS allows users to enter specific information about a storage tank (dimensions, construction , paint condition, etc.), the liquid contents (chemical components and liquid temperature), and the location of the tank (nearest city, ambient temperature, etc.), and generate an air emissions report. Report features include estimates of monthly, annual, or partial year emissions for each chemical or mixture of chemicals stored in the tank.


PV Elite is a PC-based pressure vessel design and analysis software program developed, marketed and sold by COADE Engineering Software. PV Elite is a package of nineteen applications for the design and analysis of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and fitness for service assessments. The purpose of the program is to provide the mechanical engineer with easy to use, technically sound, well documented reports with detailed calculations and supporting comments, which will speed and simplify the task of vessel design, re-rating or fitness for service.
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TWI's Weld spec has been used for many years to manage welding procedures.
Weld spec is designed to manage WPS,WPAR/PQRs and Welding data collection sheets (PQRDs), by the most commonly used codes, including EN 288, ASME IX and ASME IX. Weld spec checks the code for you. The most important aspects of writing procedures are consistency and accuracy. While you write a WPS/ PQR, Weld spec's Code Checking makes sure the document complies with ASME IX, AWS D1.1, or EN 288. By supplying information straight out of the code, Weld spec keeps you from having to search through the code for requirements, interpret the code and risk making a mistake, and it keeps you from having to retype the information.
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Aspen HYSYS™ is a process simulation environment designed to serve the Oil & Gas and Refining industries. Using HYSYS you can create rigorous steady state and dynamic models for plant design, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, operational improvement, business planning, and asset management. Through the interactive HYSYS interface, you can easily manipulate process variables and unit operation topology, as well as fully customize your simulation using HYSYS customization and extensibility tools.
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The Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating (EDR) software includes a number of programs for the thermal design, mechanical design, cost estimation, and drawings for heat exchangers and pressure vessels. The major design programs are:

 Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger  Thermal Design of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
 Aspen Shell & Tube Mechanical  Mechanical Design, Cost Estimation, and Design Drawings of Shell and Tube Heat  Exchangers and Pressure Vessels
 Aspen Air Cooled Exchanger  Thermal Design of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
 Aspen Fired Heater  Thermal Design of Fired Heaters
 Aspen Plate Exchanger  Thermal Design of Plate Heat Exchangers
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AutoCAD is a software package used for draughting and designing almost anything you wish. The software has evolved massively over the years and now offers various ‘themed’ versions catering for the specific requirements of different engineering disciplines, such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering and architecture. Basically AutoCAD provides a 3D space (model space) in which you construct or draw your design. It provides drawing layout tools which enable you to prepare and plot conventional 2D drawings of your model. More recent versions also include advanced rendering tools, enabling you to create photo-realistic images of your design.


NozzlePRO is designed to quickly and easily evaluate nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes and clips. A variety of head types are allowed including spherical, elliptical, ASME dished, cylindrical and conical. A minimum number of values must be input to generate the model. The engineer is able to include loads such as thermal, weight, operating, occasional, pressure, wind and earthquake.
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Solid works is a 3-D modeling tool. In Solid works, one draws in a plane and then extrudes solids from the plane. Planes are used to obtain position in three dimensional space. It is possible to draw in three dimensional space using Solid works. It has the best method of creating three dimensional objects.


The PDMS AVEVA software is a fully interactive, easy-to-use 3D environment for ever designer on the project, supported by an Office-style user interface based on Microsoft’s .NET technology and the latest in 3D graphical interaction tools. This software is a major update – the biggest ever – that includes significant enhancements to the database structure and the underlying system technology as well the new Design Platform. In addition, there is improved workflow support for many engineering design disciplines. PDMS AVEVA Plant Design product, includes the AVEVA Design Platform and engineering applications for piping and equipment, structural, ducting, cable trays and supports, including drafting.
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THERMOFLOW, is a fully flexible program that allows you to model a broad range of thermal systems, with emphasis on power generation and cogeneration. It can be used to model gas turbine combined cycles, steam power plants, or repowering, in addition to a virtually endless variety of power plant systems, standard or novel.


Intools software is at the heart of all instrumentation software requirements. Automation of preparation of all instrumentation engineering documents like Instrument Index, I/O List, Instrument Specifications, Instrument calculations, Instrument pneumatic and process hookups, Instrument plot plan, Instrument logic diagrams, Instrument system engineering can be achieved through the use of Instrumentation software tools.
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PIPENET is a powerful software tool for rapid flow analysis of pipe and duct networks. Three modules ensure that, no matter how extensive or complex your network, PIPENET will perform. This flexible software, offers a wide selection of units, user-defined pipe schedules, fittings libraries and pump charactersitics.
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Software: Used For:
ANSYS FLUENT or Cosmos Flow Flow Modeling Simulation
Aspen Suite Process, Termal & Mechanical Design
Hysis Process Design
Thermoflow Power Plant Design
ANSYS Stress & Heat Analysis
Caesar II & PDMS Piping Design
Primavera or MS Project Project Control & Design
PV-Elite & Nozzle Pro Pressure vessels Design
Tank Storage tanks
Super Forge Forging Process Sumulation
Solid Works or Mechanical Desktop or Auto Cad  or Cad Works 3D & 2D Drawing
Weld Spec WPS & PQR
Microsoft Office Documentation
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