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Research and Development

Today expansion of competitive markets all around the world has deep effects on economical circumstances in developing countries. necessity of providing dominant products and services from companies has also proved the urgency of establishment of  R&D units. The word “Research” is generally predicated to basic and tentative   researches which are led to genesis and produce of science and the word  “Development” is predicated to functionalism and efficiency of science. the phrase research and development (condone the meaning of own word)is predicated to activities that are conducting under supports of special units in firms, universities, official agencies  .dedicated capital for this department in every countries is featuring the industrial status, balance of industrial rivalry and the development scales of the country. Therefore companies are establishing R&D units due to pursue objectives like reduction in costs, increase in production, more efficient products and subsequently increase in their own values and prices of stocks. This unit so far throve to codify spectacular prerequisite technology to manufacture equipments and outfits such as:

Quick Opening Closure

"Closure Size 56
"Closure Size 64

Insulation Joint

Insulation Joint 30" Class 900#

Insulation Joint 48" Class 600#

The assignment of this unit in every company consists of creating appropriate back ground in order to provide a scientific canal to specify, planning, coordinating conduction and control research activities due to gain solution for issues in different contexts. With this definition companies which are using technologies and science, are producing goods with high quality and innovation and are responsible to today customer’s requirements. Since the company’s point of view into R&D is an important source of innovation and motivation for development in economical matters, hence the Research and development department of namdaran petrogas Industries Company is established on aiming at self sufficiency in oil, gas and petrochemical industries production. This department has succeeded to take considerable steps in this particular phylum.

Pig Signaler

Pig Signaler
Electrical Pig Signaler Class 600#
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