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Pig Signaler
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Namdaran Petrogas Industries is a leading company in the design and manufacture of pressure parts and pipeline equipments to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and other process industries.


Namdaran Petrogas Industries (NPI) provides pig signals / indicators for pipeline industry for different conditions. The pig indicator is a device that is used, to detect the passage of a pig in the pipeline. The Pig Indicator is an economical solution that can be applied to all kind of pigging systems.

Pig Signaler 1

- The internal moving parts of all models together with the associated pressure housings are made from stainless steel or the equivalent cast material in accordance with NACE Standard MR-01-75.
- The ball valve fitted to the pig signalers for the controlled removal of the signalers under pressure, comprises a carbon steel body, stainless steel ball and stem, renewable body seat rings and high-pressure body seals.
- For use at low temperatures, full stainless steel valves are also available.
- The standard base is made from ASTMA 694 F52 / A350LF2 and supplied with rust preventive protection to make cleaning easy prior to welding.
- All standard seals are made from Viton. Alternative seal materials are also available.
- Honeywell, Stahl or Euroswitch ES 2000 proximity switches are available as standard. Other switches can be supplied as an optional extra.

Removal Under Pressure

The pig signaler is classified in two types: models which are not designed for removal while the line is under pressure, and models which are fitted with an integral valve and suitable for controlled removal when the pipeline cannot be de-pressurised.
A simple jacking bracket tool is available for this purpose, consisting of a safety screw mechanism and bridging clamps to allow rapid removal and re-installation of the pig signaler from the line under pressure.

Pig Signaler 2
Hydrostatic Testing

The pig signalers are hydrostatically tested to full code pressure requirement prior to despatch.

Range of Models

All models are bi-directional and available with either mechanically operated signal flags, electrical auto resetting switches or mechanical and electrical signals in combination. Installation on a vertical pipe is possible but must be specified.

Model options and codes are:

M = Mechanical Flag
E = Electrical Switch
F = Flange Mounting
W = Welded Base
V = Valve Model

Standard models

M - W     E - W     ME- W
M - F     E - F      ME - F

Under pressure removal models

All the above models can be supplied suitable for removal under line pressure. The code reference is prefixed with V to denote the valve e.g.
V - M - W      V - ME - W

Optional Features

- All pig signalers are bi-directional due to a pivot less tumbler mechanism, which utilizes laminated Trigger blades for use with on-line inspection pigs.
- Pig signalers are economically priced units and are very simple to install and operate, providing adjustable on-site penetration and giving the operator simple visual indication with a single action reset.
- Pig signaler is manufactured in three pressure classifications – up to Class 600, class 900 and Class 1500. Standard models are designed for use at temperatures from -29ºC to 200ºC, dependent upon the line products and pressure. Alternative elastomer seals can be provided for operating temperatures outside this range.
- Pig signalers are available in a wide range of models – mechanically operated signal flags, electrical auto resetting switches, or mechanical and electrical signals in combination, to suit either welded, or flanged type mounting.
- Pig signalers can be supplied with integral valve to allow removal under line pressure.
- Pig signalers feature a unique trigger penetration adjustment facility to cater for variations in line thickness and flange standout

Pig Signaler 3
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