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Pig Launcher & Receiver
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Pig Launcher and Receiver Traps are custom manufactured for sub-sea, off-shore and onshore applications. Pig launcher is used to launch the pig into the pipeline, and pig receiver is used to receive the pig after they have made a successful launch. The choice of these pig traps will depend on the type of pig to be run and pipeline design conditions.
All equipment are designed and manufactured according to pipeline and vessel Code Standard (NACE, ASME VIII, BS 5500 and ANSI/ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, etc).
Our capacity of production allows matching pipe ranging from 3" to 56" with ANSI Ratings of 150# to 2500#, using carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel materials.
Quick Opening Closure 1
Multiple Unit Application
These units are designed to allow the sequential launching of pigs and spheres, in conjunction with release fingers and/or coordinated valve operation. The launch process can be controlled remotely enabling traps to be installed on unmanned platforms and facilities. This sequential launching to take place without having to repeatedly de-pressurize and re-pressurize after each launching. The process can also be controlled from a remote location. This is particularly relevant on unmanned platforms such as offshore platforms and sour service applications.
The launch of spheres or pigs is controlled by automatic or manual release fingers which allow individual sequential launching into the pipeline.
From basic body to a skid-mounted, fully-automated unit can be provided to meet client exact requirements.
A fully staffed and experienced engineering department can provide all the design disciplines necessary to complete scraper trap packages like structural design, piping stress analysis, and instrumentation logic.
Namdaran Petrogas Ind. will design systems to meet specific operational requirements. This can include not limited to:
- Multiple valve operation
- Automatic or manually operated sphere release systems
- Integrated skid mounted packages
Accessories & Options

Optional features and accessory equipment include:
- Baskets
- Bi-directional Trap Systems
- Pig signalers (manual or automatic, remote or local)
- Saddle Supports
- Pig Launching Systems (manual or automatic)
- Inclined, Declined or Vertical Construction
- Pig Storage
- All Controls, Drives and Instrumentation
- Liquid Handling System
Pig Signaler
Our pig signalers are bi-directional due to a pivot less tumbler mechanism, which utilizes laminated trigger blades.Pig signalers are very simple to install and operate, providing adjustable on site penetration and giving the operator simple visual indication with a single action reset.
Pig signalers are manufactured in three pressure classifications – up to Class 600, class 900 and Class 1500. Standard models are designed for use at temperatures from -20ºC to 200ºC, dependent upon the flowing products and pressure in the line. Alternative elastomer seals can be provided for operating temperatures outside this range.
Pig signalers are available in a wide range of models, mechanically operated signal flags, electrical auto resetting switches, or mechanical and electrical signals in combination, to suit either welded, or flanged type mounting.
Pig signalers can be supplied with integral valve to allow removal under line pressure.
Pig signalers feature a unique trigger penetration adjustment facility to cater for variations in line thickness and flange standout
Quick Opening Closure 2
Quick Opening Closure

Namdaran Petrogas Industries closures provide horizontal or vertical access to pipeline pig traps, filters, coalescers, strainers, separators, meter skid systems, hydro cyclones, or any other type of pressure vessel. Our quick opening closures can be operated safely at remarkable speed; any size of closure can be opened or closed by one person in less than one minute, with no special tools required.
The closures are available to suit a wide variety of vessel sizes and pressures, from 6" to 64" diameter and any pressures from Class 150 up to Class 2500 or higher upon request.
The closures are designed to meet requirements of ASME VIII Div. I or II. Also PD5500 and EN13445 can be accommodated if requested.
The locking mechanism incorporates a hand operated pressure warning screw, which prevents the door being unlocked until there is no residual pressure inside the vessel.
The closure hub and door are manufactured from materials that fully comply with the requirements of ASME SEC. II / ASTM and NACE MR 01-75 / ISO 15156 Latest Edition upon request.
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