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PetroGas Namdaran industrial company started activities in the field of manufacturing equipment used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries as well steel industry and power plants. Through hard work it has managed to realize its objective that is customer satisfaction. Petro- Gas Namdaran has established its capability in designing and fabrication of gas heaters for oil and gas industries, filter separator, dry gas filter, multi cyclone scrubber, pig launcher and receiver trap, split tees with guide bar, anchor flanges, Quick opening closure, Pig signaler and insulation joint.

The management of PetroGas Namdaran industrial company believes that the company owes its success to systematic approach to management as well as the diligence of the employees who constantly endeavor to meet customer’s quality requirements and to reduce service prices and to this end the company has placed first on its agenda customer satisfaction and confidence as its main asset. The company endeavors to promote efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system through assessment of activities, development of training and quality control in order to play a significant role in implementation of national projects.

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