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Hot Tapping Split Tee
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Namdaran Petrogas Industries manufactures the 6"-56” Split Tee with or without guide bars. These guide bars block the tapped hole, keeping the line piggable.
Natural gas transmission and distribution companies need to make new connections to pipeline many times a year to expand or modify their existing system. Historically, this has necessitated shutting down a portion of the system and purging the gas to the atmosphere to ensure a safe connection. This procedure, result in methane emissions, loss of product and sales, occasionally customer inconvenience, and costs associated with evacuating the existing piping system.
The Split Tee is an welded or extruded style. The fitting is furnished with a flange that is pressure rated to match ASME standard flanges. It is used with hot tapping and/or plugging machines to tap and temporarily plug the line for maintenance, without shutdown.
Namdaran Petrogas Industries is a leading company for split tee hot tapping systems, in Iran and no other manufacturer can claim a completion system that has proven so reliable

Hot Topping Splittee 1


Split tee will be designed base on ANSI / ASME, with design factor 0.4, 0.5 and 0.72. All mechanical calculation for pressure parts under internal pressure or external forces and fabrication drawings which prepared base on tender attachment will be prepared and forwarded to client for approval.
- Split Tees are available in a broad range of material types and grades
- Split Tees are available with both size on size and reduced branch outlets
- Split Tee Fittings available designed in accordance with ANSI / ASME B31.8 , B31.1 , B31.3, and B31.4
- Split Tee Hot Tap fittings are available for pipe sizes from 6” – 56”
- Split Tees Fittings are available in ANSI class 150 to ANSI class 900


• Compatible with existing hot tapping/plugging equipment
• Can be utilized for either hot tapping or line stopping
• Split tee fittings eliminate alignment problems
• There is no potential for weld to penetrate the tapping area
• Allows for maximum hot tap size
• Size-on-size fittings normally are available off-the-shelf
• Full range of reducing branch sizes available
• Greater wall thickness
• Higher allowable stresses
• More reinforcement area
• Special fittings are available for any size, flange rating temperature, pressure, process, or material

Hot Topping Splittee 1
Code and Standards

• Design: ANSI B31.1, B31.3, ANSI B31.4 & B31.8
ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 & 2
• Fabrication: ASME Sec. VIII Div.1
• Welding: ASME Sec. IX
• NDT : ASME Sec. V
Ordering Information

The order to manufacture a split tee that meets your design criteria, the following information is required:
1) Design code
2) Design pressure
3) Design factor
4) Matching pipe nominal size, grade and wall thickness
5) Branch nominal size and flange rating

Download PDF Catalogue
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