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Gas Scrubber
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For applications requiring efficient removal of particles solid and liquid.

Gas Scrubber 1

Filter Scrubber

For applications requiring efficient removal of particles solid and liquid.

Gas Scrubber 2

Typical Applications

+  Suction and discharge for air and gas compressors.
+  Gas and fuel transmission line.
+  Gas process line
+  Air and steam line.
+  Distribution systems
+  Mainline transmission stations
+  Industrial process applications
+  Gas gathering systems
+  Slug catching
+  Petrochemical plants
+  Absorption processes

Pressure Drop

Pressure drop is largely a function of tube velocity and gas density. It may very form a few inches of water to several psi, depending upon application.

General Specification

+  Namdaran scrubbers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the ASME Section VIII, Division 1 and 2 for pressure up to 10,000 psig.
+  Standard scrubbers are constructed of carbon steel; however, scrubber can be custom designed and built from stainless steel, aluminum, monel, inconel and other steel alloys.
+  Cyclone tubes are manufactured from shock and water-resistant, high alloy cast steel, to provide dependable, trouble-free service under severe operating conditions

Gas Scrubber 4
Multy-Cyclone Scrubber

For applications requiring efficient removal of particles solid and liquid.

Principle of Operation

+  Multi-Cyclone Scrubbers use centrifugal force to effectively remove solid particles and liquids from a gas. There are no moving parts. The high efficiency, low pressure drop, centrifugal separation is attained by using Namdaran proprietary designed Cyclone Tubes.

+  The entrainment laden gas stream enters the distribution chamber of the scrubber, which contains multiplicity of small cyclone tube arranged in parallel. The gas enters each of the tubes through two tangential opening located near the top. The resulting centrifugal action moves the liquid droplets and/or solid particles to the outer periphery of the tube and downward, causing them to drop into the collection chamber at the bottom of the vessel. The cleanse gas then reverses direction at the vortex of the cyclone tube and moves upward through the riser and into the exit plenum.


NPI uses multiple, small diameter cyclones arranged in parallel to achieve separation of small and large size particles. Depending upon the application, a bank of cyclones may contain as many as 200. Selection of 2" or 4" diameter cyclones depending upon the system gas type.

Gas Scrubber 5

Multi-Cyclone Benefits

+  High efficiency liquid and solids removal
+  Handling a wide range of flows
+  Tolerates intermittent flow spikes
+  Maintenance free
+  Fixed or removable cyclone elements
Filter Scrubber

For Maximum Separation Efficiency of Solid particles and Liquid Droplets


Namdaran Petrogas Industries (NPI) Filter Separator provides the maximum possible separation. Down to 3 microns of both liquid and solid particles from a gas stream with a 100% turndown ratio. To obtain this separation efficiency NPI uses a two stage process; the primary stage knocks out the bulk of the incoming liquids and solids which increases the life of the coalescing filters in the final stage.

Gas Scrubber 6

Design Features

NPI Absolute Separator is a multistage device. At the inlet of the Primary Separation section, small diameter cyclones or vanes remove liquid and solid particles by utilizing the dynamics of centrifugal force and gravity, by removing the bulk of the entrained liquid in this stage, the NPI design increases the life of the Fetal Separation Elements and holds the pressure drop buildup to a minimum. This allows for lime between changing the elements .reducing operating cost and down time.
NPI Two-stage absolute separator utilizes all the forces of mechanical separation. The primary separation section in use to decrease the liquid and/or solids loading in the gas stream. This is accomplished through the use of NPI proprietary separating device such as its high efficiency inertial vanes or its multi cyclone packs. Proper liquid separation is imperative to ensure maximum life and efficiency of the final separation elements.
Final separation select utilizes high efficiency element which are cylindrical, fibrous vacuum formed elements with a controlled pore structure. The result is a seamless tube with a matrix of micro- fibers having up to 95% void fraction. This design offers lower maintenance costs by extending the element life.

Typical Application

NPI Fitter Scrubber is intended for use in applications where near complete removal of all entrained particles is required such applications includes:

Combustion Turbines, Gas Compressors
Dessicarit Bed or Molecular Sieve protection
Instrumentation, Meters and Analyzers
Atmospheric Exhaust
Reboriers and Line Heaters
Membrane Separators, Chemical plants
Fuel gas conditioning
Gas transmission/ metering, Oil mist removal

Principle of Operation

As the mist- end solids-laden gas enters the primary separation section of the vessel, the entrained liquids and solid particles are subjected to centrifugal force.

Gas Scrubber 7

Cyclone Tube:

The gas enters the cyclone tube at tow points (A) and sets up a swirling motion. Solid and liquid particles are thrown outwardly and drop from the tube at (B).The clean swirling gas reverses direction at the vortex (C) and rises through the exit portion of the tube (D).


Coalescing Elements

The final separation section consists of multiple high efficiency coalescing elements. The gas and fine mists pass from the inside to the outside of the elements where the particles diffuse and impinge on the closely spaced surfaces. The liquid particles ag glornerate into larger liquid droplets and emerge on the outer surface of the coalescing elements. The liquid then runs down the elements and in to the liquid collection chamber. Gas, free of liquid particle entrainment, passes out the vessel discharge nozzle.

Gas Scrubber 8

The unfiltered product is pumped under pressure to flow through the housing inlet chamber and inside/out through the multi media coalescer cartridges. This specially developed multi - media cartridge configuration traps and holds minute solid particles to less than one micron, while forcing small water droplets to commingle and grow into heavier, larger drops (see figure 1).
These large gropes then carried to lice outside surface of the cartridge. Having a higher specific gravity than the hydrocarbon fluid, they release and settle to the bottom of the vessel or sump area (see Figure 2). In general, particle removal efficiency increases with coalescing efficiency. This is accomplished by employing a tighter, finer filtration media.

Performance Guarantee

Namdaran absolute separators meet separation efficiencies’ of 99.98% of droplets 0.3 micron and larger. The separation efficiency of the NPI filter scrubber is depended upon the coalescing element used for each application.

Gas Scrubber 9
Design Specification

NPI Coalescing Filler Separator is dependent upon the coalescing element used for each application, Designed by ASME Pressure Vessel code
Available in sizes starting at 6" nominal diameter
Custom designed for any application
Available in carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy.
Filter access through several styles of full or
reduced opening closures
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