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Dry Gas Filters
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Effective & efficient removal of liquids/solids from gas flows

All gas lines have dry contaminants (such as pipe scale, dirt, and rust) that will damage or even destroy your downstream equipment. Using a Namdaran Petrogas Industries “NPI“ Dry Filter will remove all forms of dry contamination, lengthening the life of your equipment and saving thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. Namdaran Petrogas Industries range of Dry Gas Filter is multiple elements filter designed for filtering dust and other solids from gas flows with a minimum pressure drop.

Dry Gas Filter 1
Principle of Operation

Namdaran Petrogas Industries Dry Gas Filters offer efficient and effective removal of dust and other solids from gas flows at relatively low pressure drop. The larger, heavier particles settle to the bottom of the inlet chamber upon entering. The gas then passes through the filter elements which trap and retain the finer particles. A ‘Quick Opening End Closure’ is provided for access to and cleaning or replacement of the filter elements. The life cycle of the filter is dependent upon dust and dirt loading and the corresponding increase in pressure drop.



Efficiency of the Dry Gas Filter is largely a function of particles size and distribution, particle loading, element face velocity and pressure drop. A removal efficiency of 99% plus in the 1 micron range is maintained over the full flow range of 0 to 100% because this unit does not require high velocity impingement, centrifugal force, or wetted surface to clean the gas. Typical performance is shown in Figure 1.

Pressure drop
NPI Dry Gas Filters are designed for pressure drops ranging from a few inches of water to several psi, depending on application. The pressure on most applications will range between ¼ and 1 psi. Filter elements should be cleaned or replaced when the pressure drop exceeds 5 psi. Pressure gauge connections are provided for monitoring pressure drop.

Dry Gas Filter 2

• Standard Configurations
NPI Dry Gas Filters are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet virtually any piping configuration.
• Mechanical Features
- ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Div. 1, and Div. 2
- Standard Filters are constructed of carbon steel, however, Filters can be custom designed and built from stainless steel and other steel alloys.
- High efficiency Elements can be either in carbon steel or stainless steel construction.

Dry Gas Filter 3

- Namdaran Petrogas Industries multiple-element Dry Gas Filters can be used to remove dust and other solids from gas streams in chemical plants, pipeline stations, gasoline plants, refineries and other gas processing applications.
- Dry Gas Filters protect meters, regulators, valves and other related in-line equipment, by effectively removing unwanted particles from the gas stream.
- The resulting clean process stream tends to extend the life cycle of compressor vanes, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Dry Gas Filter 4
Dry Gas Filter 5
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